Monday – Friday

6:00-10:00AM – The Get-UP-and-GO Morning Show – Host: Rodney Baucom and Dennis Smith

6:30AM – Route 66 with Dr. David Jeremiah

7:30AM – Lighten Up with Ken Davis

8:30AM – Breakpoint with Eric Metaxes

9:30AM – Morning Devotional with Liz McClure

10:30AM – Treasures from the Word with Dr. Adrian Rogers

11:30AM – Answers in Genesis with Ken Ham

12:30PM – Insights with Chuck Swindoll

1:30PM – Tony Perkins Minute

2:30PM – Alternative View with Tony Evans

3:30PM – A Minute with Ashley T. Lee

4:30PM – Family Minute with Focus on the Family

5:30PM – Parenting Today’s Teens

6:30PM – Mission Network News

7:00PM (Monday – Thursday)  Homecoming Radio – Bill Gaither and Friends

7:00PM (Friday) The Gospel Greats with Paul Heil


8:00AM – Conversations with Paul Brown

11:00AM – Front Porch Fellowship – Host Les Butler

12:00PM – Homecoming Radio – Bill Gaither and Friends


7:00AM – The Gospel Greats – Host Paul Heil